Friday, January 23, 2009

It Wasn't Us

Edited 2/19/09: I read back over this today and realized that I never updated what happened when I spoke with J(the lady from our agency) about the "misunderstanding". Apparently, what I failed to realize when we took "The Girls" is that in our state 2 and under is counted as two children as is a child with special needs. So when she said emergency or respite that's what she meant, a child with special needs or under 2 would have to only be emergency/respite for now. We are still approved for another child full-time as long as they aren't in the category mentioned already. It was good to know that we had not been deliberately misled. I feel lots better about our relationship with them now.
Thanks to all for the prayers and concern for us. It was appreciated! :)

We were not the family chosen for the little girls. I am not upset about that, because I knew that we might not be chosen. I do feel that we were misled by the agency we work with. When we took in "The Girls" that we have now we understood that we were approved for three children and we let them know we were really hoping for a young child that we could possibly adopt. Today I heard from one of the ladies and she told me that the third spot is only respite and emergency and that we do not have the square footage for three foster children full time. When we took our current placement we sat and talked with her about logistics for a future third child and respite/emergency was never mentioned.

I really do not like feeling like I have been lied to or misled by people that I work in close contact with on something so important. Someone is going to hear from me on Monday. I just pray God will help me to speak my mind without causing any more issues. UUGGHH! Sometimes I HATE foster care!


mary grace said...

That makes no sense. You're licensed for three ... but you won't be placed with three? Huh?

Curious as to what agency you're going through.

Feel free to email me at my blog's name (no spaces) at gmail if you ever want to "chat."

Brandi said...

agh! I'm sorry friend. Praying for you,


His Hands His Feet Today said...

Praying for you,

Melissa :) said...

I'm so sorry. This adoption journey is the most difficult & emotional journey one can possibly travel. Don't you think?

Onward you go! And get that mess straightened out w/ your agency. No time for wishy-washy-ness! Keep on them until they do their job right.