Sunday, September 11, 2011

One Year Ago Today: Making Memories

Old Glory Outside Nationals Park / Photo by Rachel Levitin
 Still loving Facebook's tendency to randomly remind me of what I was doing last year. I just wish they were a little easier to find. Today's reminder of last year brought back a memory I would have forgotten since I apparently left my camera at home that day. Here's what I shared on 9/11/10: "Decided @last minute to go to Nationals game. Perfect day: it's Heroes Day; weather's beautiful. A young Vet thru first pitch, got standing ovation."

We had gone to Maryland to visit Rick's oldest daughter and her husband and while there we decided to go watch the Nationals play. It turned out to be a nice time and we were glad we went. Not really because of the game itself, although that was fun, but because of how they recognized firefighters, police officers, and military personnel throughout the game. I was really glad to be able to share that with my kids before we left for almost 2 months to bring Liza into our family. A huge change, but one none of us would change if we had to.

After a day of remembering what happened on 9-11-01 it was nice to be able to remember a great day spent with the family. I don't ever expect or want to forget what happened on that day 10 years ago, but I'm still thankful for a sweet memory to end the day with.

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