Friday, September 16, 2011

Fundraiser Friday: A Lilla-Rose Giveaway/Fundraiser for Maxim

*Announcement - The winners of the giveaway are Eidmon and Megan. Please contact Linda and look thru her site to choose the clip you would like to receive. Congrats to you and thanks for playing!! :) *

Maybe it's not right for me to plug "my own" fundraiser on Fundraiser Friday, but technically it's not "my" fundraiser. It's for Maxim and Linda is the one providing the goodies - I just happen to be the one lucky enough to share it with you all. So, I'm making this my FF post for this week and that's all there is to it ;o) 


So, if you remember how this works, there was a winner drawn yesterday for last week's part of the fundraiser/giveaway. That winner is "Eidmon". So, Eidmon if you'll email Linda at mrsmenk at menk dot us or leave her a message on either her personal Facebook page or her Lilla-Rose page she will get you your free clip. Congrats!!


Ok, now for those of you who have not entered the giveaway yet, you still have time and there's a good chance you could be the winner of a free clip. It's SO easy. All you have to do is Like Linda's Lilla-Rose Facebook page and leave a comment here letting us know. Then you get extra entries for sharing on your blog, your Facebook page, or even twitter - then come back here again and leave us a comment letting us know. REALLY easy! And don't forget, 15% of all sales goes into Maxim's grant fund.


And can I beg? PLEASE, PLEASE do this! WE had hardly any interest this last week and it's broken both of our hearts, because we want to see M's grant fund grow and we'd love to see his face get seen by someone who might decide they love him so much they want to bring him home. So, share everywhere you can with everyone you know. Come on, I need something to make me smile - trust me.

A Lilla-Rose Giveaway/Fundraiser for Maxim

Remember him? You know I couldn't let you forget!
Just recently Reece's Rainbow has made it possible for the older children (6+) to have their own grant funds again. I was so excited about this for one main reason, and his name is Maxim. I plan to build his grant as high as I can so that when his mom and dad find him money won't be standing in their way. Thanks to a friend of mine I've been given my first opportunity to do that.

Linda Menke has recently started her own business with Lilla-Rose. They are the most beautiful hair clips I've seen in a while. I've already picked out this Celtic Knot clip for Liza. Linda has offered to donate 15% of all sales for the next two weeks to Maxim's grant fund. In addition to that she will be giving away one Lilla-Rose product each week by random drawing. To be entered into the giveaway see the bullet points below (cause, remember, I get confused).

  • For one entry go to Linda's Lilla-Rose Facebook page and "LIKE" it. Leave a comment here on my blog to help us confirm.
  • For another entry place an order of a product from Linda's Lilla-Rose website. Then leave a comment here. Remember 15% of all purchases will be donated to Maxim's grant fund.
  • Or go to Linda's website and choose your favorite piece and leave a comment here telling us what it is.
  • For one additional entry post to your own Facebook or Blog about this Fundraiser/Giveaway then come back here and comment with the link to your post.
Please make sure to leave a comment or comments HERE with every thing that you do that would  earn you an entry into the giveaway. Linda will be keeping track of the likes on her Facebook page and I'll be tracking comments and posts here, and we just don't want to miss anybody. Thanks!!

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