Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mom Rant

I just need some advice or encouragement or just to know that I'm not the only one. Or something. I can't really post on Facebook anymore cause the folks who attend the same institution that keeps making me rant this same old rant are tired of seeing it and they all think I'm asking for too much or I'm just "that mom". You know, the one who sees discrimination everywhere just because my child has an extra chromosome. So, I'm just gonna lay it all out here and see what kinda feedback I get.

Let's say you take your child to functions at this institute where babysitters have been hired, on the institutions dime, to watch the children of those who are attending said function. Yet every time you drop your child off you get the distinct feeling that they're not happy to see her and then when you go back to get her she's been separated to a different room. Sometimes with younger children, sometimes with older children, and sometimes alone. And, no matter where she's at, EVERY TIME it's obvious no one's really paying attention to her.

Or several times you go back for her and she's done #2 and no one's bothered to change her or to get you so that you could do it since they don't want to. Even when you bring a bag with all the essentials.

Or, even though there are babysitters hired by the institution for the function-goers children, you're other older children are asked to stay with your daughter (without pay) - either in the room with the other children and babysitters or in a separate room. Or you are expected to give a little more notice that "your child" will be there so that they could "prepare".

So, am I wrong to be angry? To think that there is some discrimination going on? Am I being "that mom"? Or am I right to feel like I do? To be tired of being told I'm expecting too much, when all I'm really expecting is for my child to be treated like all the other function-goers children?

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