Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Missed Update

Hmmm, so just the other day I realized that I never did an update post on our homestudy woes (there were more, but two links in a row is enough for tonight) And, get this! It's not bad news! Go ahead and say, Hallelujah, I know you want to.

After we thought we were getting somewhere, more paperwork was lost (If you're looking for an agency and have contemplated one in the Carolina's, contact me first), and then someone went on vacation, and apparently there was a staff change in there somewhere cause all of a sudden I'm speaking to a new person. But, praise God, cause I think this person was the only one in the place who could get something done! I had to fax her the same papers that were already lost twice because they didn't make it to her with everything else and once I did that, the very next day my HOMESTUDY WAS FINISHED! She even made four copies, one for USCIS and three for me, had them all notarized and sent me the other agency documents I need to include for our dossier all signed and notarized., and then overnighted all of this to the places it needed to go. When the Fed-Ex guy delivered that package Noah almost had a heart attack at the way I squealed and jumped up to go to the door. Poor kid.

So, now we are waiting for USCIS, who just told me today that they need more evidence, and all I have to say is, "Ms. USCIS officer if you think that scares me - think again! After that homestudy escapade "needing evidence" ain't nothin'!" Besides, I'm pretty sure I have the evidence she's looking for in a folder in my dossier packet. I sent it all via fax to the homestudy agency and just assumed they would send it to USCIS with the homestudy. Um yeah, why did I assume this?.....

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