Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Weird Fact Wednesday: "Turn Left..... No... You're Other Left"

Did you really learn your left from your right in Kindergarten? Cause I didn't, and I have finally come to the conclusion it wasn't for lack of poor Mrs. Moorehead trying to teach me. Sorry Mrs. M, it was ALL me! Actually, I'm just carryin' on; I never blamed any one for my lack of directional skills, but I bet I drove my poor teachers crazy.

I am now, 26 years out of Kindergarten and I still do not know my Right from my Left. When someone says raise your Right hand there is a 50/50 chance I will actually raise the right one (yes, pun totally intended there). I always have to take a moment, look down at my hands, and remind myself which one I write with before I can proceed. This is usually not a problem so much. Where it can get tricky is when I'm driving and the passenger is telling me where I need to turn. If it goes like this we'll be fine:

Passenger: "Ok, keep going straight and about 50 feet ahead you need to turn left."

Me (thinking): 'Ok, left..... left.....' (wiggle my left hand on the wheel a little bit) 'Oh, that way.'

Then we turn and all is well with our World's.

Below is the incident that prompted me to put this as my Facebook status the other day: "If  you're like me and don't know your right from your left, please raise your right hand....... I'll wait......" I thought that was pretty clever and was so glad to find out that a few of my friends are the same way. Halleluia, I'm not alone!

The problem comes in when Rick is the passenger. He is pretty sure I can read his mind and I am equally sure that I can not. Here's what I mean:

Me: "Um, I don't remember how to get to this Doctor's office from here."

Rick: "Go straight through this light and then turn left."

Light turns green as he is speaking and I proceed to go. I hear left but my brain is thinking right. I don't turn.

Rick: "Turn LEFT! HERE!"

Me: "Right here?! Already?!"

Rick: "I said left....."

Me: "Well, you didn't give me enough time to think about which way was Left. You should know by now, you need to point which way you want to go and say, 'that way'. I don't know my Right from my Left."

He just shakes his head. Poor man, he didn't know what he was getting himself into when he married me. But, that's ok he loves me, even if I am Directionally Challenged.


MoonDog said...

here is a quick trick. you wear your wedding ring on your left. so if someone says right or left quick feel for your wedding ring. thats left. why do I know this trick? I use it all the time. = )

Molly said...

I love the wedding ring trick, but alas I have no ring. I make an L with my left hand. I AM SO DIRECTIONALLY CHALLENGED! seriously. its bad. I've gotten lost with a GPS before.

Melissa said...

I love the wedding ring trick too. Will totally be using that from now on. Thanks! :)