Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weird Fact Wednesday: Musical words

Pretty much any word I hear can trigger a song. When my kids were little they were fascinated by this, I think they thought I knew every song known to man. Nope, I can just sing every song known to Melissa at the drop of any random word. Doesn't matter if it's a song I can't stand, once the word triggers that weird part of my brain here comes the song* and it's stuck there for who knows how long. Sometimes this is ok with me, sometimes it is so not.

Last night was "Get your motor's runnin'" in an email title and of course I start singing the song. Who wouldn't, right? Except, can I just sing a little bit of the song and get that out of my system? Umm, No! You can't sing that song without bopping your head and growling like that dude does, ya know? Or well, maybe you can..... but I can't. Cause I'm just weird like that. Ask my kids, they'll tell ya.

{Oh, and the bold and asterisk above? Any takers as to what song came running to mind at the typing of those words :) }


MoonDog said...

I am TOTALLY wierd like that too! my husband laughs at me all the time as I burst into some obscure song.

heatherbrown said...

Here Comes the Sun?

Anonymous said...

I do the same thing. But sometimes, if I don't actually know a song to go along with whatever words have triggered a song in my head, I just make one up (frequently to the tune of an actual song). My kids used to constantly ask, "Mom, is that a REAL song???" I finally started answering, "Well, there are words and a tune and I am singing it, so I guess it is a real song!"