Sunday, April 18, 2010

Knuckleheadedness: Soccer Woes

I pray over my boys every night before they go to bed. Maybe they're technically too old for that but it's a nice time for us to spend and they get to hear my heart for them when I talk to our Father about the wishes I have for them. So, if they're 21 and still need my night time prayers I think I'll be ok with that.

Well, even though it's such a nice moment it's also usually got a laugh or two thrown in because those two just are not capable of being serious for very long. I think that's ok though. God made them that way so He understands, right?

Here's what happened: (That was totally said in my most Monkish voice)

I'm praying for them and I said something like, "Help them to hide your Word in their hearst so that when they go through rough times they will have your Promises to help get them through."

When I finish Austins says, "So, Mom, does that mean you're expecting us to go through hard times?"

I say, "Well, as long as we're alive there will be times we hit a rough patch, but God has promised to always be with us no matter what."

Austin replies with, "Yeah, even when you get your head stuck in the goal."*

First I look at him like, 'Huh?!' Then I say, "yeah even then....", flick him in the nose, and of course laugh hysterically.

They both crack me up every day. I can never be sure what's going to come out of their mouths and I LOVE it!

*apparently this really happened to one of his little buddies on his soccer team. I can only imagine....... and probably don't wanna ask..............

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