Thursday, March 26, 2009

Liza Dream post

One night I dreamed that I was crossing a bridge. I was holding two children in my arms and Rick came beside me took one of them and walked on a little ways ahead of me. As he walked on across the bridge in front of me I could see that the child that he was holding was a girl with blond hair, blue eyes, somewhere between 1 and three years old, and she had Down syndrome. As I looked at her she smiled at me in a way that a little girl would smile at her mommy and I knew in my heart that she was my daughter.

Above is an account of an actual dream that I had a few months ago. It's what started us on the path that eventually led us to Liza. This journey to our child has been a winding one and sometimes not so fun. We started with China in our hearts and even focused on a specific child, and then that door was closed. We looked at Vietnam only to have that door close as well. All the while I was learning more and more about the needs of orphans here in my own backyard as well as around the world and the need for families willing to accept children with special needs.

Somewhere along the way I stumbled across Reece's Rainbow and a seed was planted. I thought maybe someday we could adopt a child with Down syndrome, but we had our own plans and were busy focusing on those. I'd look at the kids and pray for them then I'd wander away for a while when it seemed like that wasn't the avenue we were taking. Somewhere around October or November I started reading some blogs of Reece's Rainbow families again. That's about the time that I really started thinking maybe instead of someday our time was now. That's also about the time that I dreamed of our daughter .

Of course I still had to try to pin my own plans on it but in the end the one child that I couldn't get out of my head, or imagine leaving behind, was the blond haired, blue eyed sweetheart who I can't wait to get in my arms!


blessedmomto7 said...

Beautiful. I know what you mean about the dreaming. I too have dreamt of 2 black children and cannot wait to see how it ends up.

Charissa said...

I'm just now seeing you have a blog. Silly me. I enjoyed reading back to the beginning. :)