Sunday, March 22, 2009

Life is Grand

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Updated: Because I'm a ditz who forgot to tag five people. I knew that was way too easy.

Renee passed this on to me and I'm really loving the chance to share why my "Life is Grand". It really is, but we all need to sit down and count those blessings to remind ourselves sometimes.

The rules are to give 5 reasons why I think life is grand and then tag 5 more people.

  1. We are adopting Liza!!!
  2. I ran my first 5K yesterday and am SO proud of myself!
  3. I ran 15 1/2 minutes straight yesterday. Maybe not a big accomplishment but for me it was AWESOME!
  4. My kids are funny, sweet, loving, and healthy.
  5. My husband's faith is growing and it's wonderful to watch.

I'm going to try to tag folks who are also in the adoption process to bring them a little more exposure.

  1. Oatsvall Team-they are in the process of adopting two from Uganda (check out their awesome shirts they are currently selling)
  2. Jones Family-they are adopting two from Eastern Europe. One with Down syndrome.
  3. Spencer Family-Also adopting from EE, also a child with DS.
  4. Elisabeth at No Greater Gift-just beginning the process to adopt a sibling group from foster care.
  5. Jen at Home...Hands Full,Hearts FULL, Quiver Full-breaking my rule just slightly, cause I think she's pretty awesome.

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Elaine said...

Sorry I'm so behind on blog reading, but Yay!!! on the 5K. I really admire people who can run. 'Cause I? Just can't.