Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dear Little Baby Snake,

Just because you are only about 4 inches long does not mean that it's ok for you to crawl across my foot. Sheesh, I can STILL feel your cold, weird flesh.....eeehwyeh..... on my poor toes. They along with the rest of me are traumatized and now the yard will be taken over completely by weeds! I know I should've been wearing real shoes to work in the garden but I'm too lazy to put them on once I decide I need to get outside. Plus, I like to be barefoot. Can't you respect that?

I'm just sayin', next time you see me out there please turn and wriggle the other way, and I'll try not to scream. Then my boys won't come runnin' outta the house like Rambo trying to take down a warlord. And the few flowers I have left will live to come back next year.

Thanks mucho,
AKA Barefoot Weed Puller and Expert Screamer and Hyperventilatorer

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Elaine said...

I would have done the same thing. I hate snakes! Hate them! I know it is completely irrational, but I can't help it.

rainbowmom said...

Unfortunately the snake couldn't hear you scream. They're deaf. I wonder what it thought feeling your skin? haha I'm glad you let it live. I'm okay with snakes if I see them first. It's the surprise visits that freak me out.

Jules said...

Just skipped over here from Faith's site and you've made my toes curl up at this one. *shivers* Should that EVER happend to me when I'm gardening, Lord bless my neighbors' ears and anyone else who hears me hollar. Snakes give me nightmares.