Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I read this article about "Operation Cross Country" and I got all excited. Now if we could just see this begin to happen world-wide. I'm still praying and still hope to some day see a huge prayer movement, possibly even a day where all of us whose hearts are burdened on this issue are praying and fasting together.

Two points mentioned in this article bothered me. One was that some of the kids were called "thrown-aways". How can you just turn your back on your child and leave the to fall prey to those who would use them in this way? Maybe this is an area where the foster care or system or what have you should have stepped up? Does this point to a lack there? I guess I'm just wondering how these kids fell through the cracks and I know that whatever the system may try they can't know of every bad situation that could turn this way. The other thing was that it said the case aren't easy to convict. How can this be? And why does it need to cross state lines to make it easier? This tells me that something is missing somewhere in our laws. If children are being forced into prostitution and the law knows about it it shouldn't be hard to convict those who are using these kids. That makes sense to me but sometimes laws just don't make sense.

Anyway, it's good news and possibly a good start. I wish I could do more than pray. I want to actually be able to do something. When I was a kid I loved reading about the abolitionists and thought they were awesome for what they did, helping bring freedom to those who were being denied that right. Back then, I had no idea that slavery still existed today. I want to be an abolitionist

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