Friday, August 19, 2011

Fundraiser Friday: Good Grief and One for MANY

This week I have two different fundraisers that I just couldn't choose between so I decided to feature both.

Gentry and Luis Zuzunaga are adopting Maria. They have already made one trip to visit her and are waiting for their next trip for court and then to bring her home.

Check out that Smile! How can you resist?
The Zuzunaga's have been given the opportunity to giveaway an E-book to raise the money for Maria's ransom. Good Grief was written by a friend of Gentry's, Erica McNeal, who has experienced real periods of grief in her life. These are her words to describe her book, 

"fills in the gap between people who are hurting that don’t know 

what they need and their loved ones who don’t know how to help!"

Here's how the giveaway works:
  • Every $15 or more donation to the chip-in in their sidebar is a purchase of the book. All proceeds go to their Reece's Rainbow grant fund.
  • At every $100 milestone they will draw a name and that person will receive a $20 Starbucks card. It'd be like getting the book for free and winning a coffee to sip as you read it :)

Go and check them out and get yourself a possibly free book. 

Then there's Amanda and David Burlingham, they are adopting Liza's orphanage "brother", Andriy.

When I met him I never saw a smile like this.
He has been moved to a very nice place,
 but soon will be in an even better place, a FAMILY :)

Amanda has a giveaway going on her blog that she's calling One for MANY. The idea is to benefit not only her family's adoption but five other families as well. They have some amazing prizes to give away over there. Isn't it amazing the creativity we Mamas come up with to get our babies home?

These are the other families that will be blessed when you enter:

Just a little sample of what you will find when you go over to Amanda's blog to take a look:

  • Nook Color
  • Nintendo Black Wii Console w/Mario Kart
  • Apple iPod touch 8GB With

    Ematic 11-in-1 Accessory Kit for iPod Touch (4th Generation)

    She also has tons of great Etsy items to giveaway. 

    This is just a small sample. There are so many more beautiful items.
    You have to go see for yourself.
    This is how it works:
  • $5 = 1 chance
  • $10 = 3 chances
  • $25 = 10 chances
  • $50 = 30 chances
Please go and check out both of these awesome fundraisers, donate for a chance to win something, and help bring these kids home to their families.

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