Sunday, August 28, 2011

Conversations With Liza: I'm a Gorilla!

Anyone else watch Signing Time? Liza loves ST - she's mildly obsessed with it and I think she believes that Rachel is her best friend. Actually, there are days I feel like Rachel is my best friend. She's helped me get so much blogging housework done.

One of Liza's favorite's to watch is The Zoo Train. They play a fun little game where one of the children makes the animal sign and the other guesses what they are. For the past week Liza has been playing this game with me, except she's always a gorilla. I think she just likes it because you get to beat on your chest.

Ok, so all this week she's come up to me at random times and signed gorilla. At first I was just saying "gorilla" but then I started saying "Liza's a gorilla!" kinda like they do on Zoo Train and she loved it. Tonight she wanted to watch ST but The Brothers were watching Chuck and were not ready to share the TV and DVD player yet. So, she sat on my lap and was bing "my baby", this is what I tell her when she's being cuddly and puts her head on my shoulder. Then we had this conversation:

Liza: signs "gorilla"

Me: "Liza's a gorilla!"

Liza: (grins and then puts her head on my shoulder)

Me: "Aww, are you mama's baby?"

Liza: looks at me and signs "gorilla" again with a grin then puts her head back on my shoulder

Me: "Oh, you're Mama's baby gorilla?"

Liza: grins and shakes her head "yes"

I kinda like her being a baby gorilla, cause the other option is her being a baby dog - AKA puhpuhpuh. And, when she's a puhpuhpuh she gives kisses......... just like a real puhpuhpuh does. Cute, but icky...... LOL

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