Friday, August 5, 2011

Conversations With Liza- More on "The Brothers"

The other day we were at my friend, Tari's, house so that I could have my weekly piano lesson from her. If you've never stopped by her blog, you should, she has a knack for laying out the Truth with grace and compassion, AND she's a beautiful worshipper.

Ok, so we were at Tari's and she and I are talking and working on helping me learn to play piano (someday I'm gonna be awesome) and Liza comes to the door, which is blocked cause Tari has a new puppy. She looks over the barrier at us and our conversation begins. Translations to Liza's signs/gestures in italics and parentheses.

Me: "What's up Liza?"

Liza: points in the room (Hey mom, let me come in there with you.)

Me: "No, go find your brothers. Where's Austin?"

Liza: shrugs, then points in A's direction (I know where they are and I am NOT falling for that trick.)

Me: "Go get them. Go see 'The Brothers'."

Liza: signs "brothers" and makes a shushing sound. (They told me to be quiet! Can you believe that?!)

Me: "Did they tell you to 'shhh'?"

Liza: nods, then walks over to the stairs and signs "cry". (That's what I just said. Now, I'm gonna cry. Sooo, you'll let me climb these stairs, right?)

Me: (laughing) "you're gonna cry cause they told you to shh? (I giggle as she nods) no, you're not."

Liza: she starts to climb the stairs, which I've told her not to do already (I've distracted you and now I'm gonna climb the stairs, finally)

Me: (sternly) "Liza, don't climb the stairs." (she looks at me) "I mean it! Go see 'The Brothers'."

Liza: climbs down and kinda shrugs over her shoulders, throwing her hands down as she walks away. (Darn it! Fine mom, whatev!!!)

Of course, by this time Tari and I are cracking up. This girl is a character.

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