Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Typical Daddy/Daughter Interaction

Couldn't find a good pic of them together. But, this'll do, right? :)
So, we're out having lunch today and this is what takes place.

Liza is sitting beside Rick on the booth seat across from me. She is eating nothing but french fries and he wants her to eat her chicken. (BTW- how did she turn into a typical American kid so fast?)

Rick tells her to eat her chicken and then gives her a stern look as she picks up another french fry.

She looks at him as if to say, "what?" That doesn't work so she puts on a cute face and shakes her ponytail at him.

He almost smiled, but didn't quite crack. He says, "Liza eat your chicken." and tries another stern look.

She leans behind his back and kisses his shoulder.

Dad eats the chicken and she eats her french fries.

Liza 1 / Daddy 0

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