Monday, June 13, 2011

6 Months in Photos

I have been seriously lacking in updates on this blog, heck in just blogging period. Facebook, I love you but I blame you for my lack of blogging ability for a while now (not that I was ever this amazing blogger, but you know...), it's just so easy to go and throw up a little blurb every now and then over there and post photos too. After I've done that I usually get sucked into what everyone else is up to and somehow blogging just never happens. The first step towards recovering from an addiction is admitting it, right? So, I admit to an addiction to Facebook. We'll see where that takes us :)

Since Liza has been home now for more than SIX months I knew I needed to do a really nice update post on her progress. The other day I was looking thru all the pics of her from orphanage to present and even I was struck by the total difference in even her appearance. Rick and I both have been at a loss as to what to call it and then on Facebook my friend Renee Tam shared something that struck me and I realized what the difference was -" ‎'Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant.' — Maya Angelou I can't wait to see Paisley thrive, she's been just surviving long enough..." in case you don't know Renee is adopting a little girl she's naming Paisley who shares that little something extra with Liza.

For the past 6+ months we have had the privilege and honor to watch as Liza went from just surviving to really THRIVING. It has been amazing to watch and I thought the best way to celebrate the past 6 months and share with you all the difference we've seen was to start at the beginning - the first day we met her - and move forward to the present in pictures.  

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Sarah said...

Tried to post this on Youtube, but it didn't work...

Amazing she is! Love you sweet Liza!!!! I know you have changed so much since I last saw you, and I can't wait to meet you again some day!! And I posted about just you on my blog - :)