Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Reality and Fundraising

Ever wondered why folks fundraise for adoption? You think, "why should I help them "have a baby"? Because it's not about that family gaining a new child, it's about THAT CHILD getting a family versus the reality they currently live in. That's truly the bottom line. Unfortunately changing these kids' realities costs a lot of money :( Thank you to ALL who gave to help change Liza's reality!
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I wonder just how many adoptive families have faced these types of questions and attitudes? Unfortunately too many that I know have and it really breaks my heart. Not just for them but for the kids who wait while those who want to come and bring change are stifled by those who can't see past the dollar signs. Because really, isn't that what the problem really is?

Why are people offended that we are asking for help to pay the ransom needed to change the reality for these children? Would they be just as offended if a mother whose child was abducted asked for help to raise the money to pay the kidnappers in order to get her child back? What if my child was severely ill and we needed to raise the funds to pay his medical bills. Would that offend you? 

Maybe you'd say those scenarios aren't really the same and I'd have to ask you why you don't think so. 
  • Is it because the child I want to adopt isn't "mine"  yet? Well, that may be true but that same child is God's child. You would have to be able to tell me that you don't believe that HE wants you to help me pay the ransom to change HIS child's reality or if you can't do that to be supportive in some tangible way. 
  • Is it because you don't really believe that the reality orphan children live in is anything like a child living with a severe illness or a child being held against their will by those who care nothing for them?
    • Have you read Carrington's story? What about Theo's? And now there's also Victoria. If you have, do you still think their stories are nothing like that of a child who's seriously ill? Or a child who's being held against their will by people who don't care? Is their former reality the kind that a child should have to live in just because we might be offended that someone is fundraising in order to make a difference for them?
  • Or maybe you're ok with giving to a family raising money to adopt a waiting listed child, but a family adopting a newborn is different? But how is it? Why is it different?
    • If you call yourself Pro-Life then adoption is something you ought to be supporting in SOME way, and the best way if you can't or aren't willing to adopt yourself, is to support those who are whether the child they hope to adopt is born or unborn. 
    • Mothers who want to place their children for adoption need the assurance that there are families waiting to adopt their babies when they're born. Those families need our help to stand in the gap. The alternative reality for those babies is foster care or life in an orphanage. Do you want to tell that mother that's the reality for her child because you just can't support adoption?
These families are hoping to adopt children who need families. Children who may be born and waiting in foster care or orphanages or children who are unborn, whose mothers are hoping for just the right family to step forward. They need our help to stand in the gap and help them reach these children. But honestly, it's not about them - it's about the children whose realities they are desperately trying to change. When you consider giving think of the children first.

Brooke and Michael Annessa - Adopting a (hopefully) soon to be born infant they will name Adelyn.

Renee and Steve Tam - Adopting a little girl with DS they are naming Paisley. They hope to travel soon!

Amanda and David Burlingham - Adopting a little boy who was once Liza's buddy and happens to be blind. I got to hold this little guy and can't wait for him to meet his family!

Amy Lucas - Adopting Liam, a little guy with DS who will be her 5th son :) Gotta love little boys! Moving fast so she would really appreciate the support.

Ann and Jason Plummer - Adopting Barbara and Matthew, 2 little ones with Down Syndrome.

Jenn and Chris Abell - Adopting Olga, who I had dubbed "Liza's twin" when she was waiting :) They look some alike and have that same mischievous gleam in the eye, oh and the same extra chromosome!

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