Monday, May 23, 2011

Liza's "Brother's and Sister's" - Brody

I've shared before about some of Liza's friends that she grew up with who are still waiting. Recently a friend who is adopting one of Liza's friends referred to these other kids as her son's "brothers and sisters" and I realized that she was right. These kids were the only brothers and sisters that Liza knew until we brought her home. They fought just like siblings do. As I was told Liza and Victoria did quite a bit before V was transferred. I really hope that a family finds her soon and that we can get the girls together again. I'd love to see what they think of each other when they don't have to fight for the attention of the adults in their lives.

My friend, Andrea was able to spend lot's of time with all of these children and since she has returned home it has become her greatest hope to see them all adopted by loving families. She posted recently about Brody.

When we were in Ukraine we were able to meet Brody and I haven't been able to forget him. Poor Brody just cried constantly and even at times would harm himself by banging his head on the floor as hard as he could. Unfortunately, when he did this no one tried to stop him :( It was almost as if at four years old he already felt that all hope for him was gone. It totally broke my heart and I prayed for him to receive help from somewhere. To have someone who would love him no matter what. Andrea did just that every chance she had, but we all knew that her time there was going to come to a close and we worried what life for Brody would be like then.

Praise God that before Andrea left Brody was transferred! Wait, since when do we rejoice about a kid being transferred? This transfer turned out to be a good thing for Brody. Andrea said he is much calmer, his head no longer has ping pong ball size knots on it, he is loved and treated with respect. That is something worthy of praising God for! It would be even better, though, if he had a family. Please go and read Andrea's post about Brody. If you know of someone looking for a sweet boy who has so much potential. Who just needs to continue to have hope poured back into him, please share Brody's story with them. He is worth it!

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