Thursday, May 12, 2011

5/5/5 Warrioring

I love to say Warrioring :) I don't know if it's even really a word, but I just like the way it sounds and what it stands for. It means we are literally fighting for the lives of kids who have no one else to fight for them. I never really thought of myself as a fighter until I realized how passionate I was about the least of these. Whether it's the orphan around the World, the young man in the grocery store who no one else wants to look at because he has an extra chromosome, or even just my little brother who, at 6 years old, had the audacity to step on the brand new shoes of one of the high school football players (that's a story I should really share someday).

As of May 5 Reece's Rainbow has launched a new Warrior program to advocate for all of the children listed who are five years old. Why only the five year olds? Because five is the average age that a child will be transferred to the institution. Liza was TWO months from turning five when we took her from the orphanage and I know that's where she would've gone if we had been denied her referral, which almost happened. She actually should have gone at four but because they knew we were coming and she was a favorite they held her as long as they could.

Those of you who have met her:
Can you imagine this child living in an institution?
I know how far she's come in the amount of time she's been with us and I shudder to think what a transfer would've meant to her. New faces, new routine, all new caregivers. Maybe she wouldn't have been the favorite anymore. Maybe her tendencies to try to be in charge of everyone wouldn't have been seen as cute and endearing. Maybe her Drama Queen moments would've landed her on the bottom of the pyramid when it came to attention, feeding, bathing, and all those other little things that are needed to keep at least a semblance of health and happiness. Just thinking of the possibilities causes me to praise God once again for changing the circumstances that could've kept us from receiving her referral in Ukraine. That's another story I should tell someday....

So, now we come back to sweet Callie.
We originally planned to adopt from China but then weren't qualified. So, she is my China baby of my heart till her Mama finds her :)
She is in China, she's five, and she desperately needs the same chance at a new life that Liza has been given. Please help me find her Mama or donate to her fund to help her Mama/Papa find her.  Do it because you have a heart for orphans. Do it as a tribute to Liza. Do it because we are commanded to care for the Widow and the orphan. Do it because Callie has no voice except the one that we give her. 

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