Monday, March 14, 2011

Celebrating Zara

Who's Zara? 
She is. 
Precious, right?

Today is Zara's birthday, and my friend Julia wrote a post dedicated to this sweet one. It touched my heart, made me cry, and I decided I needed to dedicate a blog post to Miss Zara as well. It's the least I can do for such a sweetheart on her birthday when there's nothing else I can do. I wish I could visit her, hold her, whisper in her ear that someone cares for her today on her birthday, and everyday. Doesn't she deserve that just as much as any other child? Breaks my heart that there is no celebration of Zara today as she turns 2 years old.

I was going to try to stir myself to post about Liza's first day of school. And that is VERY important! Can you believe it?! This child who for almost FIVE whole years was considered not worth teaching actually went to school today! I am in awe every time I think of it. I will post photos and highlights of that later but the contrast is what struck me.

Today I celebrate Liza's first day of school. But, Zara lays alone all day long. Most likely the only time she will be talked to (or at) or paid any attention to will be to get her diaper changed and to be fed. AND IT'S HER BIRTHDAY! Breaks my heart that something that should be celebrated so joyously is just passed as another day. Oh Jesus! Please let your baby know she is celebrated and loved today, and everyday!

Please share Zara's story. Go and read Julia's post and share it on Facebook or your own blogs. She needs to be celebrated today. Two years ago on this day a precious gift was given, so far the family this gift was meant for has not discovered her yet, but still - she is a gift. A precious treasure. 

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