Friday, October 29, 2010

Gotcha Day!!

The day that we have been waiting for for almost 2 years has finally come (and gone.... hehe) We took Liza out of the orphanage FOREVER on October 27, exactly a month after we arrived in her country. We are so happy to have her with us and she acts like she has known this moment was coming and she's been anticipating it just as much.

All decked out in her going away outfit. Didn't I tell you? Sweet and Sassy!

About to run out of those orphanage gates FOREVER!
Almost there!
Paka Paka Baby House!
I will be forever grateful to Andrea G for taking these pics for us! We ran so hard those last two days in region that Rick and Greg Summers weren't even at the orphanage when we walked out with the girls - they were over at our apartments getting cars packed so we could rush to a bigger city and get passports and then literally RUN to a train to get back to K... the City That Shall Remain Nameless.

Someone really liked going in the machina (car) to the City of the Passports and Train. Check out these faces! She is so darn cute!

"Hmm? Something good is happening!"

This is how excited she got whenever our driver would get back in the car after stopping. She knew he made the car go and she loved it when the car would go! It was so precious and funny :)

Possibly getting a little sleepy, but NO sleep was happeing during that machina ride!
Worn out after the most exciting day in her life! Yes, her eyes are open. Yes it's kinda creepy.. in a cute kinda way.. LOL

We are beyond excited to finally have her with us! I keep looking at her and kissing and hugging her and trying to believe that this is the little girl from my dream. The one whose picture has been in my kitchen for a year and a half. I know it's her - but it's just so surreal to actually have her in my armss and know she is going home with us. She is so precious, spunky, funny, tough, and just so many other wonderful things wrapped into one sweet, beautiful little girl. We already love her so much. I can't stop thanking God for bringing us through every hurdle to the realization of holding His Promised Victory in my arms.


Melissa :) said...

I'll keep this simple.




I have goosebumps!! SO happy for ALL OF YOU!!!!

Jill said...

SOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! I can't believe she is finally yours! Congratulations! And Praise you Jesus!

Cammie Heflin said...

She is so beautiful! I'm so happy for you guys!!!

Sarah said...


The Mac's House said...

Incredibly happy for you!

Travel safe!


andrea said...

Woo Hoo! Loving the pictures, keep them coming! Promised Victory indeed... love the name God gave you for your little girl. Tell Liza I miss her (and you guys too) but can't wait to hear that she is finally home.

Anonymous said...

I am so HAPPY for your family!!! I'm so excited and ready to meet Miss Liza!!! We're waiting to welcome her "home"!!!

Love, Cheryl/obxmemaw

Cheri said...

Yay..... for all of you!!! Congratulations!

Minnie said...

Beyond excited for you! A million prayers for your safe trip home.

Cant wait to see tons of pictures and hear all the good stuff.

heatherbrown said...

What a beautiful girl, a true dream come true!

Becky said...

Melissa, are you having problems at the Embassy? If so, email me please, I will explain in an email why I can probably help!
justplainbeckyw at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!!!! Yay!Yay!Yay!!!!!!

Becca said...

How awesome! Congratulations!
I just found your blog when you posted on the DSANV listserve (we're in NoVA, too). Liza's a beauty, and so lucky to have her forever family finally! :-)
Feel free to visit my blog, too - my daughter, Samantha, is 4 1/2.