Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Recognize This Face?


How about now?

Ringing Any bells yet??

Come on... you know who it is.

Here's a little clue.

That's right! The little boy in all of these photos is my little buddy Maxim.
You're probably wondering where I go these new photos of him so let me share the story with you.

As we were going through the process to adopt Liza I was blessed to make contact with a couple of Missionaries who work in her area and even at her Baby House. One of them, Andrea, does some work with some of the kids at the institution where Maxim is and asked if we would like to go with her one day. Of course, I jumped at the chance!

I don't know if I can openly share how the whole encounter went so I will just say that we were able to go and while we were there I was able to see Maxim. To hold him and love on him. To laugh as he passed gas and laughed about it. That was one of the best parts of the visit, how he thought "tooting" (is it called that when boys do it?) was just the funniest thing - just like any other 6 year old little boy would. He was so sweet and so alert and attentive to those who had come to visit with him. Here's a little rundown of his abilities that I witnessed first hand:
  • He can pull up to stand and walk with assistance.
  • He knows his name and responds to it.
  • he has a sweet nature, personality, and sense of humor
  • he copies hand motions (I believe he could learn to sign)
  • He can crawl
  • he likes cars! :) They said he crawls tro the window to look out when the car comes to their building.
In the one pic above where  you see his hands, he kept touching his thumbs together and so I put his pointers togehter to make a heart and after that he kept trying to do it himself. His worker was a really sweet lady who obviously believes that people with DS are capable. She hopes to see change in her country someday. That really touched my heart to know that he is being cared for by someone who believes that he can be something if given a chance. AND HE CAN!

Maxim's Mom and Dad? Where are you? I've seen him. I've held him and kissed his sweet face. He is waiting patiently for you to come for him. I KNOW, I just KNOW, that he will be the biggest blessing to his family. Please hear the call - for Maxim.


Amy L said...

Oh Bless your heart for finding Maxim! I recognized him right away.:) Praise God, he has a loving caregiver; now let's find that little boy a family ASAP!!!

Merany :) said...

Oh!!! Thank you so much for this post! Maxim was one of the very first children that I saw on RR. I put him on the sidebar of my blog when I started it and I've wondered about him.... I'm glad to see he's still ok and safe. Oh, I pray for his mama and daddy to go QUICKLY and get that sweet little man. Thanks again. :) You're one blessed lady!

Lacey said...

Are you still there? You should email me privately and give me your phone number. I will give it to my hubby and he can call you to hook up. I know I told Charrissa that I would email her his phone number so he can show her around!

Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

Oh sweet Maxim! You look wonderful!! I thank God that you have people who truly care about you. Oh how I wish someone would bring you into their family.