Saturday, November 6, 2010

We're Still Here

And yes, by here I do mean K... er the City That Must Not be Named. Liza and I are still here due to mine and Rick's USCIS fingerprints expiring on October 15th. I thought they were good for 18 months but it seems I was wrong, they are only good for 15 months. It's the I171H that is good for 18 months. Aye yi yi..... how are we supposed to keep track of all this paperwork and what expires when?! Ugh....

So anyway, Sweet Liza and I are here until the results of the prints come back from the US. I don't know where they are going cause they went to DC according to DHL's tracking that the Embassy so graciously gave me but I was told they needed to go to New Hampshire. Ok then! Oh well, at least they are in the US and the results will be electronically sent back here to the CTMNBN. The young lady that took our prints on a paper card said they were not permitted to take them electronically but they could get the results electronically. Don't ask me, I have given up trying to understand why they do things the way they do - that goes for the US Gov't and the folks here in the CTMNBN.

Now to lighten the mood around here. Here's proof that our little Princess really is enjoying her time outside of the Baby house.

On one of our first days back in the City we went to a couple Historic sites. This one was part of a memorial to those who died in a famine in the early 1930's.

A beautiful OLD church at a place called The Lavres. I love how they have history that stretches back to the Thousands of years.

"Papa" and Liza strollin' along. It's a little blurry but see how she's got her hand up to her ear? He had been on the phone right before this and she was copying him. So cute!

Isn't she beautiful? Just enjoying some freedom on the City Square.

There was a fountain here, and she loved watching the water. I love watching her take in all these new sights!

Playing in the street with Daddy. There was a musician playing and she wanted to go right up to him so she could listen. They close down this one street on Saturdays and it's the only time it's actually safe to be a pedestrian in the road.. LOL

Watching football with Dad on Sunday afternoon.
For the most part we are doing ok. I do really want to go home, but I think the time for her and I to bond one on one will be good for us in the long run. Growing up in an orphanage she saw many women come and go from her life so it was so much easier for her to attach to Rick and just see me as another caregiver. We have come a long way since leaving her Baby house, but I know she still needs to realize that she truly can trust me to be there for her FOREVER. Progress is being made and I love her like mad. She is the sweetest little thing on this earth, at least in my eyes :)

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andrea said...

Melissa, I heard you were still here... Sorry you've hit another bump in the road, I can only imagine how much you must be dying to go home. It's good to see Liza outside of the orphanage though and I'm glad that the two of you have this time together.
Missing you both here in KR. Vika, on the other hand, has moved on to charming the new adoptive parents and scorning more free food :)

Praying for you!