Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Renaissance Faire

Does anyone else love going to Renaissance Faires/Festivals? I was introduced to my first one, the Georgia Renaissance Festival, in 10th grade. I was in Mr. Horton's History class and we were taking a field trip there one Saturday. The only problem with that was I had just been hired as a Hostess at one of the local Waffle Houses in our VERY small town (yes I worked at Waffle House and yes there were more than one - less than five miles apart) and I had to work that Saturday, and my Mom wouldn't let me take the day off - teaching responsibility or some such nonsense (just kidding Mom!) So, to make it up to me, Mom arranged for Me, my best friend, BFF's mom, and Herself to go to the Ren Faire another weekend. That was it, I was hooked. Totally loved it and everything about it. Maybe it's goofy, maybe it's "nerdy", but I still love it and would go a couple times a year if I could.

A couple of weeks ago Rick and I took our kids to the Virginia Renaissance Faire during Pirate Week. It was H.O.T. that day but it was still a lot of fun. AND maybe the best part of the day - there was a guy dressed like Captain Jack Sparrow. He looked just like, him, walked like him, and even waved/smiled like him. He waved at me and smiled and I wanted to follow him like a little puppy dog. I felt like I had been warped into a pirate movie for a second. What is it about Jack Sparrow that makes ladies love him? I'm not the only one, right? I wish I had gotten a picture of him. Ah well....

Where was I? Oh yeah.... took the kids to Ren Faire. They learned the Medieval alphabet, apparently we added a few letters since then, and they learned that they would have probably had a job by age nine. I think they were glad they were born when they were. There were a couple of guys there doing an acrobat/comedy routine that was really funny and of course the “Queen and her Court”. Not to mention all the other pirates wondering around and the quest to decide who would be the Queen’s official “privateer” which is different than a pirate but still kinda the same… yeah…..

Some snapshots of what we did:
 DSCN1724  DSCN1730DSCN1732
The boys got to throw sharp objects at targets. Let’s just say Noah will never be an axe murderer…. or a wood-cutter either, but it was fun to watch him throw that axe at the wall.

DSCN1725DSCN1726 DSCN1727 
  They didn’t do too bad with the bow and arrow, but I think it felt a little awkward at first.

The Lovely Step-daughter and I decided to stick with something a little more lady-like, so she had her face painted and I got my hair braided.  Pops (AKA Rick/Dad) just hung out, drank a little wine, and somehow managed to not be in any of the pictures. It was a good day.

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