Thursday, June 17, 2010

What’s the News?

Wellllllll…….. The I171-H finally came and the entire dossier was sent to Richmond to get the pretty little Apostille seals on each of my hard-worked for documents.
See aren’t they pretty?
All that money just for a an extra sheet with a gold seal on it? Yep.
Then I took the “Beast” (as it has been dubbed by a Reece’s Rainbow mom) to the local “Mail It Store” (Whadda you call those, BTW?), got it all packaged up in a safe looking box, and sent it via DHL to Eastern Europe.
Can you believe all my hard work is in that box?
Don’t they look just SO excited?! Yeah, I know…
I really was excited, but also a little nervous.
I don’t think it really hit me what I had just done until I was emailing an update to the Reece’s Rainbow group. Then all of a sudden I realized that I had just sent my dossier to Liza’s country. Actually, every time I type it out or actually say it, it hits me again. I FINALLY shipped our dossier to Liza’s country! I do still have to send a couple things that need updated, but at least I know that the bulk of it will be there soon – most likely tomorrow – and will be getting translated and ready to be submitted when the new pieces get there.
We are finally going to be on our way very soon! Yay! Please keep praying that the road from here on out will be smooth. No more delays, no more roadblocks, just smooth sailing from here till we bring her home. We are also praying for the last little bit of funds that we need to come in so that we know we will be covered with food, lodging, and any other miscellaneous expenses. Anytime in the next 4-8 weeks I will be posting pictures of myself  and Rick holding the cutest little blonde haired, blue eyed promise IN. OUR. ARMS! Wooooo!!!
**Updated before I could even get this posted – Dang leafed out trees crapping up my internet connection. Anywho…. I just checked and the Dossier has made it to Liza’s country and been processed for clearance. I think that means, we are just waiting for it to be delivered to our facilitator!! Ya-hoo!! I may just be a tad excited…..**


Danielle said...

Congratulations! That is SO exciting, I cannot wait until we have ours all done. Soon, I hope. Our fingerprinting appts are next week. I am hoping we can get the process expedited. I am so happy for you guys!

Dawn said...

CONGRATS ~ I am SO happy to hear that you are FINALLY making progress to adding to your family. I hope the remainder of the process goes fast and smoothly for you.