Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Moving Right Along

Haven't updated on the progress of the adoption since I mailed the dossier to Eastern Europe. I'm kind of surprised I didn't considering that, of course, it couldn't go smoothly and without problems.

I took the dossier to the local DHL shipper and specifically told him that we COULD NOT put a value on this package. I even wrote out the slip and put $0 on it. Well, when I left  he put a $1 value on it because he said that he was told that "nothing had no value". Because of that our dossier was held in customs for a MONTH, waiting for someone to go and pick it up in Liza's country.

THEN, we found out that four documents had to be re-done. Things had become a slight bit more picky and wording that was ok a while ago was now not ok. So, we re-did those and had them sent back there and they arrived on Monday. Praise Jesus! Just in time.

Now, we wait to be submitted. Since all of our things are there and everything seems to be in order now we should be submitted ASAP. I am SO glad. This long journey - that has sometimes felt like a battle - is actually drawing to a close. I am ready to get over there and get this girl home with us. I already have most of her stuff all together in a pile in my closet waiting for me to decide what bag to pack it in.

Please keep praying for us! Pray that our dossier would be covered with favor that there would not be even one thing that would cause the adoption officials to even raise an eyebrow. That the letters of support I am mailing to raise the last little bit of money we need would be received well. That the battle would be won in Jesus' name and he would bring us to His Promise of Victory. Thank you all!

I can't wait to get those bows I bought months ago into that pretty blonde hair! :)


Julia said...


Amanda Jones - For Mila With Love said...

Praying for good news tomorrow!

Amanda - Advocating for Mila

Jill said...

I'm so glad to hear that all your paperwork is in order. I hope tomorrow brings you good news! I pray for Liza everyday.

blessedmomto8 said...

She is precious! GOD IS GOOD! May he give you all the favor to get your sweet Liza home!

Tami said...

Hoping and praying you get in tomorrow! You and your little girl have waited long enough! :)

Anonymous said...

have you seen this blog?

I am pretty sure there is a picture on there you will love :)!!!