Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Snapshot: Almost There!

Now that we have been submitted, and I know longer have to stress over adoption paperwork, I find I'm getting my blogging MoJo back some.I am really happy about that.

Since we have been submitted and we are just waiting for a date to travel to get that sweet girl we've been dreaming of for so long I decided that this week's "Sunday Snapshot" should be dedicated to her. All the pictures, or a good bit of them, that I have been blessed with since we started this journey. I know that having folks to send these to us was a total blessing because so many families adopting from her country do not have that. Each and every one was a lifeline of sorts to help me to hold on through all the hurdles that we had to go over.

 This is the first one I ever saw of her. How can you resist that face? It's REALLY hard. Wonder how much harder it will be when it's actually standing in front of me?! Oh boy....

This one was next and it made me sad in a way. Cause she was obviously growing up and I was missing it, but also there just seemed to be something sad about the way she was standing there all alone. Does anyone else see it? Or am I just seeing it through the eyes of a mom missing her little one?

I think this one is just my favorite! Her expression here tells me so much. Maybe it's because she reminds of some of Noah's facial expressions but I have a feeling that she and he have very similar personalities. Full of silly and stinkerisms! One of these days I'll post a photo I have of him making this face along with this one of hers and you all can tell me if I'm wrong.  Plus, you can see her sweet little hands here. Aren't they just the cutest? I'm gonna kiss those soon :)

Another one of my faves. It's just cute. It's almost as if she's saying she doesn't really have time for all this picture takin'. But, there's also maybe a little bit of a longing, "Here I am Mom and Dad, Where are you?" look. This is also one of the last pics I got that she still had her "baby" look to her face.

These three, I call the Red Coat Pics, I got sometime late last fall. She is just doing her own thing. Swinging, making faces, trying to call me on the phone. I'm sure she was asking just where the heck I was at. Notice how she doesn't really give a smile but it's not as if she doesn't want her pic taken? I think she's just really a stinker who loves to make faces when you want her to actually smile at the camera. I'm looking forward to finding out for sure.
This one I got in the Early Spring. Noah calls this her Strawberry Shortcake outfit... lol Yeah, she's seems real thrilled with it too, huh? :)
This is a recent one that I just got from a family that went to her region for a missions trip. They got to spend time with her and tel me about her. I am pretty sure most of my guesses from looking at her photos are pretty accurate. There's one of her famous picture faces again! hehe

Just the day before we were submitted I found these on another Missionary's blog and when I left her a comment she sent them to me. She has lost a lot of her baby look, but she is still so super cute. Even half naked with a funny hat on her head!

We are so excited to go an get her. To wrap her in a Mom and Dad's love, to teach her about Jesus - although I am pretty sure she already has heard his name before. I have pretty bows to put in her hair and new shoes and clothes. All ready for her to begin her new life. From Orphan to UnOphan, as someone I know recently said. Kep praying favor over our dossier and that Iwould find things to keep myself busy in the meantime. We are ALMOST THERE!

Ni Hao Y'all


Cammie Heflin said...

She is beautiful, such a blessing she will be to your family!

Terri said...

Congratulations on almost traveling to get your daughter! Those eyes are GORGEOUS!

Kristi said...

Congratulations on getting this close. It's such a long road! This journey to grafting new family members is certainly not for the faint of heart, but oh the rewards when we stick it out!
She's a doll and I hope you have her in your arms soon!

Dardi said...

Sweet baby girl...I'm glad she's going to know a mother's love! I hope that your "process" continues to move along so that she can be home soon.

zentmrs said...

What a little beauty she is! May the time until you hold her pass quickly!

Stefanie said...

Oh goodness, I bet you just can NOT wait to bring her home :)

Anonymous said...

Love all the photos!

annie said...

So exciting! And she is really gorgeous... those eyes!