Thursday, February 19, 2009


I never did confess on something else. Back when everyone was making their New Year's Resolutions I got this crazy idea that i should run a 5K sometime before this year was out. I even put it as my status on FaceBook for a few days to keep myself accountable. Then a girlfriend of mine offered to run with me and even found a race for us to run in together. In MARCH! Whoa buddy, that's just around the corner. Literally.

I've been pushing myself to get in shape and get ready for this thing because I really do not like the vision I keep getting of me coming in last place, an hour after everyone else, and then keeling over. That would be pretty embarrassing. Dontcha think? I'm working with another friend who is a personal trainer and she's giving me tips and holding me accoutnable. so, i hope by the time March 21st ( I think, too lazy to check) rolls around I'll be doing pretty good. Or at least able to finish last, just a few minutes after everyone else, and not keel over.

The other confession on this same topic is that I thought at the time that this whole "run a 5K" thing was my idea. Even though I had no idea where it came from. Then at a worship night at another friends house we were singing "I Will Run" by Misty Edwards and God spoke as clear as could be to my spirit, "5K-That was My idea, not yours". Whoa! That song is one of my favorites on my MP3 that I listen to a lot and i wasn't even sure why it had become significant to me all of a sudden. Now I know.

So, needless to say God is trying to tell me something or bring me to a certain place. He's doing something, I'm just not sure what it is right now. I've started studying the words Run/Race in the Bible and a couple things have stood out to me. Maybe He wants me to stay strong in this Race of Adoption/Orphan issues? Maybe He's calling me to run with the vision like it talks about in Habakkuk 2:2? Maybe He just wants me to set a good example for my family? I don't know yet. I just hope whatever it is I run this race to the end. The prize has got to be worth it!

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Steve said...

Im a big fan of Misty Edwards lyrics they are very moving, and are a huge comfort to me when i am feeling down. Nice blog, good luck with the running.