Thursday, September 25, 2008

Music and Life-Robbie

This song always makes me think of my younger brother, Robbie. I don't remember if it was a favorite of his or not but the story of the young boy and his great-grandfather calls to my mind the relationship between my brother and our great-grandaddy, Grandaddy Marsh. I don't even have specific vivid memories, more like impressions of memories. But I do know that there was a special relationship there. Grandaddy enjoyed having Robbie around. Robbie was special to him, especially being the first great-grandson. I'm glad that they had that, because Robbie didn't always have alot of folks in his life that he really felt that he was special to and we all need that. Grandaddy Marsh has been gone a long time now, and I hope that my brother has these memories of him like I do.

Happy Birthday Bro!

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