Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Families Needed

As you may be able to tell this is supposed to be a blog about our adoption of a baby girl from Vietnam, however, here lately it's been about whatever the crazy woman who lives in my head feels like at the moment. That's because we are making NO progress on an adoption, from anywhere. After all the stank that went down with the agency we were going to use we decided to just sit back and see what happened and whether or not adoption from Vietnam would even continue. As we gave it some time we started thinking more about a special needs adoption. We had thought before that we would be willing to adopt a child that may be passed over otherwise. Since we have been trained as Therapeutic foster parents and I have experience working in the school system and our church with Special Education students we're pretty sure we could handle a variety of issues.

With all that said my problem is that I have been checking out all the Waiting Child lists that I know of and so many of these children are in China and Korea and we are not approved to adopt from either. I hate it because every list I see the majority of their children are from one of these two places and I just keep thinking if they didn't have such strict requirements perhaps a lot of these kids would have families by now. I understand the desire for the children to have the best life possible but what I can't figure out is how can being a couple years over 45 make you an unfit parent or how can being over a certain body mass disqualify you to be a good parent? These children are living in orphanages and the care they receive may be better than in days past but it's not anything like having a family that you know is yours forever. A little extra weight, a past bout with depression, being older or any of those other minor issues isn't going to make it less a family.

We still have plans to adopt, we are just not saying we are adopting from "XYZ" and I'm trying not to put a timeline on it. I know..."Good Luck with that!"

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Kelly said...

Hi! I just found your blog through your comment on my blog. Thanks. I know that the unknowns in adoption can be so frustrating. It is a hard and emotional process.