Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fingerprints All Over the Place

Tomorrow we are headed out bright and early to have our official USCIS fingerprints done. These are the ones we need in order to eventually receive the I-171H that allows us to bring Liza into the US. I've had my fingerprints taken too many times to count in my lifetime and even just in the past few years. At a few school board offices, the local police station, one of the Social Service agencies.......the list could probably go on. Literally fingerprints all over the place, at least all over Virginia. You would think there should be some laying around somewhere, right?

Well, whatever it takes. I'm actually excited about these ones. I guess it kind of makes it feel a little more real. Once our Homestudy catches up with these fingerprints and our I600A we should be approved to bring our little girl home. that's when they'll send us the I171H, then we add that to our dossier, have it all apostilled, and send it on to Liza's country. Oh, I can't wait til that day!

If you think about us around 10 am tomorrow please pray that our fingerprints take without any issues and that things begin to proceed a little faster. This makes it feel like we might actually be making progress.

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