Friday, February 29, 2008

Making progress

We are still working towards adopting LB in Ohio. We had our first HS visit and are about halfway through with all the paperwork that has to be submitted. Our fingerprints have gone out and we are waiting for them to come back. I'm nervous about it and not even sure why. There's really no reason to be. I just hope they don't take FOREVER!

It is amazing to me how I have just fallen head over heels for this child. I wasn't trying to, in fact, I kept reminding myself that even after we submit our HS there's no guarantee. It just happened somehow and I know that if we are not chosen to be her parents I will be devastated. I've heard others say how they saw their child on a photolist and knew that was their child, and I have seen other kids that we wanted to adopt and were unable to for whatever reason. Those were tough and I still think of those little girls but the feeling I had for them does not compare to this time. Maybe it helps that I know that both of them were adopted already, I'm not sure. I just can't wait to post that we have been approved and are going to bring her home with us.

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