Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thanksgiving State of Mind

++I actually posted this last year on a blog I used to have on Xanga. I was reading through it before I deleted it and decided to bring this one over here. Hope it speaks to someone, I needed to be reminded myself.++

I have been learning lately that so much of being happy with your life, your family, your spouse, your job is all about your state of mind. We need to make the decision that we are going to love ourselves, love our spouse, love our children, try to love our jobs. That's not to say you just put on a happy face and accept all the things that might not be exactly right about those relationships, but "Love covers over a multitude of sins". Things can begin to change when you make the decision to love that one or to be happy in your present situation (if that situation is unhealthy, please don't stick around).

I know some people who have made the decision to be miserable, to hate everything that has ever happened to them and to blame everyone and be a victim. They are not much fun to be around and they tend to make others feel miserable too after a while. And it's sad because they are missing out on so much of life. Sure there are going to be problems in every life. Heartaches, and people will do mean things to you sometimes, but you have to choose to move on. To put those times behind you, to continue to live life and find the joy that can be had.

In this season of Thanksgiving let's all find something to be thankful for. You do have something, I know it. And it's funny how once you find one you can usually find another and once they start adding up you just can't help but start to feel TRULY thankful.

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