Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Top 5 Signs You've Had TOO Much Coffee

  1. You’re eyes feel like they might pop out of your head, you are THAT awake!
  2. Every time you sit down to check email or Facebook you start twitching and can’t type a coherent sentence.
  3.  The Folger’s commercial song won’t stop going in circles in your head, even though the last time you saw it was some time yesterday (The best part of Waking up…. )
  4.  You’re very active child is looking at YOU like YOU’VE lost your mind, as you zoom past her for the 4th time in 10 minutes looking for the ringing phone.
  5. Even though there’s no one home but you and your non-verbal child you can’t stop talking to EVERYBODY!
     * I know, I've been on hiatus and pop back in with something silly. There's been a bit of STUFF going on in my life lately and if you're my friend on Facebook you probably already know ALL about it. I promise I will be back to finish all of Liza's One Year Ago.... posts and to hopefully keep up-to-date a little better :)

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