Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Got word a little while ago that our I171H is finally on it's way! I am so glad that it will finally be here and we can finish up the dossier and send it to her country.  We had to get our Congessman Cantor's office involed becasue the immigration officer kept asking me if we had gotten a fingerprint appointment every time I would inquire about our status. All she would have had to do was look us up and see that we had been fingerprinted already, but when I told her we had she insisted we could not have been. I ended up scanning the fingerprint appointment letters that had been stamped the day we WERE fingerprinted and emailing them to her. Once she got that she realized we had been FPed already, but then we had to submit more evidence. Ahh well, it's all over with now and we should have that coveted piece of paper in our hands within a few days. Praise Jesus!!

Like Liza's little pink and red outfit? Teehehe :) I can't wait to dress her in one of the little outfits I have hidden away in my closet.


Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

yippee! great news :) CAn't wait to see pics of her in all those outfits in your closet! :)

Cammie Heflin said...

She looks so great!

Kelly said...

YAAAYYY!!! Cant wait for you to get your girl home!

The Mac's House said...

Her look is priceless. Made me giggle just thinking what she might be thinking about having to stand there to get her pic taken. I bet you can't wait to get her home. It is all finally coming together. So happy for you.

Maybe we can meet up one of these days in Colonial WB.