Sunday, December 9, 2007

Pure and Undefiled Love

I had to share this video. I found it on the blog of someone that I read and it touched my heart. My heart wants to adopt every child that needs a home. I know why and someday I'll have to post about all of that. But tonight I just had to share this. I hope that someone else will be touched and decide to adopt, from where doesn't matter, the age and sex don't matter. Those things are all personal for each family. Adoption is too wonderful for just a few to experience. These children need to be loved, they need to know they were wanted and that there is someone who is going to always be there for them.

It's been said before and is so true. EVERY child deserves a family.

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jenn said...

The family that made this video has amazing hearts. I get all teary every time I watch it as I know many of the children in it as well as the heart behind it. (P.S. my girls can be found in here too.)